Light Rhythm Plays is looking for some Players!

Light Rhythm Plays is a fun interactive project being created as part of the No Boundaries project. New technology that links drums to graphic / audiovisual projection enables drummers to interact with images at the same time as they play. (more info here)

The first trial public presentation of LRP will occur at the No Boundaries event on the 21 and 22 September (with dress rehearsal on the 20th). We have 9 drums being presented at this event and are looking for 3-6 local musicians or people who enjoy drumming to help us kickstart each show with a short play (10 mins or so) on the drums, which will automatically trigger the animation and lights. This will help to encourage the audience to come and try them. See the show, then be part of the show to illuminate No Boundaries with animation and light, and assist others to try something new.

For further info or to express interest please contact info [at]

Are you joining us to be part of the drum light play?

Here are the meeting times and Show info: You can come to any of the following dates:

  • Thursday 20th September – Dress Rehearsal – 5pm briefing, 6pm standby, 6:15pm play
  • Friday 21st September – Show 1 – 5pm briefing, 6pm standby, 6:25pm play
  • Saturday 22nd September – Show 2 – 5pm briefing, 6pm standby, 6:25pm play

Briefings: 5pm sharp at Nepean Community College on the 20th, 21st and 22nd September. At this time you get a place on the drum cart with a small group of our Mobile AV trainee crew and friends, and get shown the place you will be playing.

Standby: The main show starts at 6pm, so stand by til the credits roll, which is when you will begin playing the drums.

Show: approximately 6:35 (earlier on dress rehearsal night) you’ll play the drums and light rhythm technology for about ten minutes, or more if you want to! After then you are free to keep playing or wander to enjoy the show or watch others play.

Maps: See the downloadable map for knowledge of where the Nepean Community College is, and spots where the drums may be.

Following this trial presentation we will be inviting interested drummers and musicians to provide feedback. Some may be interested in being involved in the development of a performance to occur in early December as part of International Day for People with Disability. The project is supported by Nordoff Robbins Music Therapy and the goal is to develop new instruments for new forms of interaction and inclusion.

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