Credits: who has been involved in No Boundaries Project?

This project has been a massive production beginning way back in 2010. There are so many talented people in Penrith and nearby areas who’ve contributed time as professionals, participants and volunteers. Read on and discover just how many people and partners helped to make this project possible…

No Boundaries Project:

Creative Director:
Cindi Drennan – illuminart

Project Management Team:
David Cretney – Sylvanvale Foundation
Joe Ibbitson – Penrith City Council
Robyn Brookes – Penrith City Council
Karen Harris – Penrith City Council
Cindi Drennan – illuminart

Project Contributors and Participants:

Visual Art Workshop:

This group met fortnightly to discuss ideas about Penrith and create artworks from inspiration and topics from conversation. Some of the activities have included River outings, Plein air painting, time lapse, and glass painting. The group have continued to meet usually weekly.

  • Anne Stratton: Coordinator
  • Participants: Anne Stratton, Paul Hazell, Valda Pomery Tim Smith, Jill Huber, Kevin Finlayson, Sherelle Stevens
  • Film maker support: Luke Cavalan
  • Art Facilitators: Cindi Drennan, Yvette Sarasola-Robinson
  • Thank you to our venues including:
    • PCYC Penrith,
    • Penrith Rowing Club
    • Nepean Belle

Tactile Art Project:

This project involved two stages, a first stage working with groups to create artwork from recycled and salvaged materials, and a second stage to create display and media art.

  • Exhibited Artwork by:
  • Susan Oxenham
  • Hazel Collins (from work by the Greystanes Wilfred House participants)
  • Participants of the Tactile Art Workshops:
    • Tim Smith, and other individuals from Penrith area
    • small groups from NADO (Leura and Katoomba), Afford, Lifestart Cooperative
    • Textile support: Lenore Betterige, Yvette Sarasola-Robinson, Cindi Drennan
  • David Capra: Hands-on Workshop Leader
  • Film makers: Hajnalka Tulogdi and Ingrid Rowel
  • Photography: Bronwyn Holmes, Craig Laurendet
  • Supporters: Reverse Garbage & St Mary’s Neighbourhood Centre
  • Display art: Cindi Drennan and Yvonne Loy

Sound and Photography Project:

This project involved contributions of sound and image from people in Penrith and region, supported by mentors where needed. The images and sounds of Penrith are interwoven into the Journey to the Riverscape.

  • Contributors:
    • Illustration of the Nepean Belle from “Travelling Angels” created by Jacek Limanowka. Supported by Arts SA with assistance from Ian Zammit and animated by Luku Kukuku
    • Photography: Trisha Merriman, Malcolm Nash, Michael Plumb, Paul Harrington, Charlie Neal, Bill McMillan, Sonjie Conoulty, Cindi Drennan, Alan Fairweather
    • Flood video: Luke Wakeling
    • Time Lapse videography Penrith area: Paul Elmer
    • Sound: Kell Taylor and Greg Taylor, Paul Harrington, Bill McMillan, Sonjie Conoulty, Cindi Drennan and Sally Dare
    • Brendan O’Connell: Workshop and Technical Support
    • Artwork images (painting / collage): David Murphy, Richard Sarafov
    • Blackheath Area Neighbourhood Centre
    • Wesclub Penrith
    • Sailability Penrith
    • Nepean Belle

Sensory Art Project:

This project involved artmaking through a supportive sensorial collaborative process, documented in to video and sound vignettes that were interwoven in to ‘Journey to the Riverscape’.

  • Hazel Collins: Visual Artist / Art Therapist
  • Participants from Wilfred House: Mohammed Racheha, Joseph Stephenson, Scott Jeffery, Adam Bartrop, Rachael Clarke, Rachel Higgs, Ibtisam Saliba
  • Filmmaker: Michael Ney (Sensory Image)
  • Supported by Greystanes Disability Services.

Postcards and Projections at the Riverside:

This project has been an artistic and research project directed by artist Daniel Kojta to reminisce and reconnect to the lost and forgotten history of Penrith.

  • Concept, Research, Compilation: Daniel Kojta
  • Image Contributors:
    • Antiquated Postcards of Penrith & Nepean River: Joyce Cole collection
    • Penrith City Library
    • Susan Oxenham
    • Daniel Kojta and Family
    • Jan Ford and family for images of Nepean River Mud Baths 1970’s.
    • Davis “Chookey” Phillips research & photos: David Capra & Joanne Phillips
  • Victoria Bridge Projections:
    • Videography Daniel Kojta
    • Second camera Laurice Ghannoum
    • Nepean River Rowing Club and members for their assistance.

Light Rhythm Plays!

This extension to the No Boundaries project has involved development of experimental music instruments which is presented as work in progress at No Boundaries and goes onward to other developments in music therapy and live performance contexts.

  • Interactive Music Concepts:
    • Direction: Cindi Drennan
    • Collaborating Music Therapists: Anna Chapman and Iani Sujano and the team at Nordoff Robbins
    • First pass testing group: Drumming circle at Nordoff Robbins music therapy
    • Drum Electronics Interactive Hardware Development: Trevor Collict and Craig Laurendet
    • Interactive sound and image response: Luku Kukuku
    • Interactive ‘Travelling Angels”
      • illustration by Jacek Limanowka
      • interactive programming by Luku Kukuku
      • producing by Ian Zammit
      • funding support by Arts SA
  • Mobile Interactive Art Carts:
    • AV crew: Amor Villanueva, Mark Wotherspoon, Malcolm Nash, Lenore Betteridge, Christina Rudduck, Linda Wilken, Yvette Robinson-Sarasola, Venessa Meyer, Richard Curtis, led by Craig Laurendet and Trevor Collict
    • Crew training supported by: Nepean College of Fine Art, TAFE NSW
    • Carts: Craig Laurendet (design, build); CANA Farm (construction host), Mark Wotherspoon, Dan Kojta (assistant builders)
    • Battery sponsor: Century Yuasa
    • Mobile AV home base: Nepean Community College

Journey to the Riverscape:

This project is the creative curatorial connection that links the contributions and mini-projects together.

  • JOURNEY TO THE RIVERSCAPE Projection show and DVD
    • Paula Novotna: Story text and Voice
    • Samantha Ray: Composer and arrangements
    • Pete Ardron, Cygna, Trilby Temperley and Samantha Ray: Music
    • Editors: Cindi Drennan and Maria Goretti Bello
    • Animator: Luku Kukuku
    • Illustration of the Nepean Belle: Jacek Limanowka

Other installations:

  • TRANSIT Audio Journey:
    • Voices from Future of Penrith / Penrith of the Future by Campement Urbain
    • Voices of Penrith community, events and places recorded by Cindi Drennan
    • Music and editing by Samantha Ray
  • BUSH TRACK Exhibition:
    • Soundscapes and Artwork by Artists from the Art group, Tactile Art project and Sensory Art project
    • Presented by participating stores in Westfield Penrith
    • Rini Fokas: Environmental Heritage research, Image gathering, Map design
    • Postcards and maps printed by Penrith City Council
    • Audio guide by Cindi Drennan and Samantha Ray
    • Yvonne Loy: installation

Previews and Pop ups:

We wanted to get No Boundaries all over Penrith, through installations, exhibitions and interventions, so that people from all walks of life could see the work in progress. Thank you to:

  • Nepean Disability Expo Committee and Denise Heath for supporting the expo presentations (14 & 15 September 2012)
  • CANA Farm and Penrith City Council for the Council Foyer Installation (10 – 30 September)
  • NADO Penrith Office – Denise Heath and Anthony Turnbull – for the Station street Pop Up (10 August – 10 September)
  • MONDO Youth Team -Katerina Tahija, Leon Hussain, Westfield Security Team – Mark Gold (various dates July – September)

Special thanks:

Neil King (Vision Australia), Bronwyn Holmes, Ben Felton, John and Helen Wakeling, Luke Wakeling,

No Boundaries Event Team:

Andrew Geleo KFM Media: Technical Director (Lighting, Audio and Installation)
Mosaic AV: Main Projection Team
Mobile AV crew: Second Projection Team
Craig Laurendet: Installations builds
Documentation: Paul Elmer, Hajnalka Tulogdi, Michael Ney
David Cretney and Robyn Brookes: Volunteers coordinators / Groups liaison
Partners Event Support Team: Tina Madjic (JSPAC), Matt Djodan and Mark Gold (Westfield), Joe Ibbitson (Penrith City Council)

Funding and Partnerships:

This project is supported by the NSW Government through Arts NSW and the office of Ageing, Disability and Home Care. This project has been assisted by the Australian Government through the Australia Council for the Arts, its arts funding and advisory body.

arts funding

Project Partners, Supporters and Sponsors:

No Boundaries Project Partners - logos of all of the partners superimposed over a map of Penrith.


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