Postcards and Projections : a No Boundaries Project by Daniel Kojta

This project has been an artistic and research project directed by artist Daniel Kojta, encouraging viewers to reminisce and reconnect to the lost and forgotten history of Penrith. It was created during the No Boundaries Project and is featured on the project DVD now available from Penrith City Council.

Featured Artist Daniel Kojta produced a series of projections on the architecture of the iconic Victoria Bridge over the Nepean River. He projected collected media on to the surrounding landscape features, including elements of the natural foreshore such as the Hawkesbury sandstone, the trees and bushes, and historic buildings remaining today. Daniel’s project took six months to develop including calling out for contributions of media and memories from the community of Penrith.

This completed edit features a blend of upbeat travel music and voices of participants of the No Boundaries project and voices from the Campement Urbain project “Future of Penrith / Penrith of the Future”.

For more information about this project visit this page: or visit the older blog posts to explore the process.

This video is also included on the No Boundaries Booklet and DVD, produced by Penrith City Council.

Projected onto Victoria Bridge

Nepean River weir early 1940’s – an image projected onto the bridge pylons by Daniel Kojta

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