Evaluation report from UWS and Penrith City Council

Launched on December 3rd, the No Boundaries Evaluation Report informs us of the audience and artist response to participation in the No Boundaries Project and the Joan public event in September 2012. Right click the link or image below to download a copy.

No Boundaries Evaluation Report 211112 v21

and also the Appendices:

Appendices – No Boundaries Report v9 211112

Evaluation was designed and managed by the Institute for Culture and Society, and written by Michael Volkerling, Hung-Yen Yang and Jackie Bailey. The report provides conclusions about the project and includes information on the methodology.

A couple of excerpts from the Executive Summary:

No Boundaries empowered people with disability to participate as artistic peers, creating meaningful work. This was critical to participants’ sense of empowerment and growth as individuals throughout the program. Participants took themselves and their creative process seriously because the No Boundaries team took them seriously. The final event, which incorporated participants’ works into a large-scale art event, was crucial to participants’ ultimate sense of pride, confidence and recognition.

The event inspired pride and appreciation of Western Sydney. 100% of the survey
respondents from Western Sydney reported feeling proud that the event was in Western Sydney. 88% of respondents from outside Western Sydney had a greater appreciation of Western Sydney as a result of the event.

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